Different types of hair removal treatments

Pros and Cons for Each

Hair happens and unfortunately, it is not always in the places we desire it to be. Where we may want a full bodied, head of glorious hair, it may also manifest on our upper lip, chin, eyebrows, legs, and various other parts of the body. Hair growth is natural, but an overabundance of hair in odd places may be attributed to hormonal changes or a variety of other natural issues. No matter where or how much hair you grow, getting rid of unsightly hair can be a challenge, but to help you out, we have compiled a list of different types of hair removal treatments with pros and cons for each to help you make an informed decision on how to get rid of your unwanted hair.


Most people have a razor somewhere in their bathroom. Shaving is by far the most common and oldest hair removal method on the market. Shaving is easy and can be accomplished on most areas of the body. There is a common misconception about shaving that needs to be addressed. It does not actually cause your hair to grow back thicker, but rather blunts the hair at the end, so it appears more noticeable as it grows.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can Be Done on Most Parts of the Body
  • Portable


  • Must Moisturise During Shaving
  • Must Be Done Often
  • Potential for Cuts


This method of hair removal is both popular and very painful. Waxing requires wax to be spread over the hairy area and then it is ripped out by the roots. There are home waxing methods available or you can opt to go to a salon or spa to have waxing done for you.


  • Hair Can Take Weeks to Grow Back
  • Relatively Inexpensive When Done at Home
  • Leaves Skin Smooth in Most Cases


  • Painful
  • Can Cause Unsightly Bumps or Discoloration
  • Ingrown Hairs and Torn Skin Are Common


This method is a chemical type of hair removal system that actually melts the hair away. Common Depilatory treatments can be purchased in the same area as razors and other hair removal devices. Essentially, the hair turns to jelly and is wiped away after about 15 minutes of application.


  • Painless in Most Cases
  • No Fear of Cuts
  • Advanced Science Driven Hair Removal Option


  • Due to its chemical composition, Depilatories should be tested on a small area before applying to the entire surface of the skin. Allergic reaction is more common with this method.
  • It can leave some hair behind
  • A Burning sensation is common


Among the most inexpensive methods of hair removal is plucking. Like shaving and certain forms of waxing, it can be done at home and allows you to shape the eyebrow area to your individual preferences.


  • Only a Good Pair of Tweezers is Required
  • Portable Hair Removal Option
  • Lasts Longer Than Shaving


  • Only One Hair Can Be Plucked at Once
  • Painful
  • Not Applicable On Other Parts of the Body


During this hair removal treatment, a thin thread is wrapped around multiple hairs and plucked out. Where tweezing tends to only capture one hair at a time, entire rows of hairs can be removed at once. Threading does require an experienced hand and is not something one should do at home.


  • Helps Shape Eye Brows
  • Results Can Last Weeks
  • Can Be Done Throughout the Face


  • Not Applicable for Other Parts of the Body
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to Find a Trained Threading Professional

Laser Hair Removal

One of the newer forms of contending with unsightly hairs is removing them completely with laser hair removal. The procedure is one that involves electrical current inserted directly into the follicle. It sounds painful, but most people report little to no pain apart from a slight burning sensation.


  • Can Offer Permanent Hair Removal
  • Each Follicle is Treated Individually
  • Can Be Done Throughout the Body


  • Initially Expensive
  • Takes Multiple Treatments for Full Results
  • Can Cause Irritation in Those with Sensitive Skin

Hair removal methods are constantly evolving as we find more advanced methods of treatment. There are a lot of options today for those who want to eliminate unsightly hair and each one should be weighed individually to determine the correct one for your needs. Do you want a more permanent solution? Laser hair removal is often the best option. Even though it is expensive, initially, it is the only method that has the potential to completely eliminate hair after multiple treatments.

However, if you are like the vast majority of individuals, try out the other methods and find the right one for you. You might not mind the pain of waxing, in certain areas of the body, or you might prefer to just shave everything away. No matter where you have unwanted hair on your body, there is a treatment available to get rid of it.

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